Even with a tough, durable product like concrete. Skilled hands are required to artistically finish a walk or step. LOVESTRAND CONSTRUCTION are well respected concrete contractors and have the know how, skill and the equipment to do a perfect job every time! Phone 509-972-3428 for a complete job start to finish.
Whether its a new sidewalk, custom stamped concrete, a set of steps, curbs, gutters, patios, foundations, retaining walls, laser transit, concrete removal, or excavating, the skilled professionals at LOVESTRAND CONSTRUCTION understand their business completely! Why settle for less when the very best cost no more? The satisfied customers of LOVESTRAND CONSTRUCTION are their best references! Ask to see their referral sheet before you begin your job. Then sit back and watch the experts handle it expertly!

The writers feel that you can place your complete trust in LOVESTRAND CONSTRUCTION for your concrete work!

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